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Do I need an external ATSC tuner to receive OTA signal?

Posted by Home Tech Experts on

ATSC tuners are needed to receive digital television (DTV) channels transmitted by TV stations. However, almost most, if not all, of the TVs these days come equipped with ATSC tuners build in them. So, if your TV is relatively new (2007 or newer), then you most likely don’t need an external ATSC tuner to receive OTA channels. But if your TV is older than 2007, then you may need an ATSC tuner to receive OTA signal. If you are unsure about your TV, you should call and ask the TV manufacturer and they will be able to tell you if your TV has one or not. However, we recommend buying a new TV that comes with built-in tuner instead of spending money on an external tuner due to the relatively low cost of TVs these days.

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