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Best outdoor HD TV antenna?

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Having hard time deciding which outdoor HD antenna to chose from? In this blog post we will discuss the features of various outdoor HD antennas available in the market today. Due to the wide variety of antennas available in the market these days, we will not be covering all of the antennas but only a few of the popular ones (Let us know in the comments section below if you would like us to include some other antennas in this blog). In the end, we will conclude with the best possible choice (for GTA consumers only).

While selecting an HD antenna, you need to answer yourself a few questions and then you need to weigh in your options based on your preferences. For example, some people want their antenna to be in a location as discrete as possible and don't want it to be much visible. For them, a small antenna like EagleStar Pro may be a good choice but at the same time if they are really far from broadcasting towers, then it may not be a really good choice as it is not an Ultra long range antenna. Therefore, you need to consider various options while choosing the best antenna for your location.

The selection criteria for best HD antenna should be the build quality of an antenna, range, signal gain, beam width, looks of the antenna, cost, how difficult is it to assemble, warranty, size of the antenna etc.

  • AntennasDirect DB4e: The first HD antenna in our list today is AntennasDirect DB4e and this 4-bay antenna is one of the most popular antennas in the market today. This antenna works well for most of the GTA customers living south of Steeles ave. If you live south of Steeles ave and don't want to spend time analyzing all of the options available and have very little knowledge about them, then it is probably safe to say that you can go with this antenna. 
    • Strongly built (lifetime manufacturer warranty).
    • 60+ miles of range.
    • 14.5 dBi gain.
    • Wide beam width (wide beam width makes an antenna less directional which helps in picking up channels from multiple towers located in different directions. In contrast, directional antennas tend to pick up channels only from the tower they are directed towards. Directional antennas still may pick up channels from others towers but may have weak signal). 
    • Good looks and decent size.
    • Costs $109.99 from our website.
    • Easy to assemble.
  • Eaglestar Pro: This second antenna on our list may be a really good choice for people living close to the lakeshore. Many of our customers choose this antenna over others like AntennasDirect DB4e just because of its compact size and looks. Additionally, it has better VHF band reception.
    • Decent built (Limited Warranty).
    • 36 dBi UHF gain, 30dBi VHF gain.
    • Wide beam width.
    • Good looks and compact size.
    • Costs $69.99 from our website (Amplified version also available at $79.99).
    • Very easy to assemble.
  • Channel Master 4221: This 4-bay HD antenna has been in market for a long time now. Good for people living south of Steeles ave who would like to spend less money. If cost is not a criteria for you, then AntennasDirect DB4e may be a better choice.
    • Strongly built (3 months warranty).
    • 60 miles of range.
    • 10 dB UHF gain, 3.5 dB VHF gain.
    • Wide beam width.
    • Average looks and decent size.
    • Costs $69.99 from our website.
    • Very easy to assemble.
  • AntennasDirect DB8e: This 8-bay antenna is a good choice for people living north of steeles and for people living in areas such as Burlington, Hamilton where broadcasting towers are a little far apart. This is because it has two panels which can be turned to target broadcast towers in multiple directions. For people living in cities like Mississauga and Oakville, it may still be ok to use a smaller antenna because CN tower (broadcasting tower) is comparatively closer.
    • Strongly built (lifetime manufacturer warranty).
    • 70+ miles of range.
    • 17.4 dBi gain.
    • Narrow beam width.
    • Big size.
    • Costs $199.99 from our website.
    • Can take some time to assemble.

In the end, we would like to conclude that AntennasDirect DB4e will work well for most of the GTA customers living south of Steeles ave and AntennasDirect DB8e should work well for the people living north of Steeles ave, west of Oakville, and east of Bowmanville. Eaglestar Pro will be good choice for people living close to lakeshore. Let us know what do you think about our blog, in the comments section below.

Applicable taxes are extra. Prices may change without notice.

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