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How to install an HD antenna on roof?

Posted by Home Tech Experts on

For all the DIYers out there who would like to know how to properly mount an HD antenna/satellite on the roof (shingles). This guide assumes that the mounting hardware being used is a regular j-pole. Same techniques can be used to mount a tripod.

  • Locate your ideal location on the roof where you would like to mount the antenna. The higher the better for signal reception. Other factor you may want to consider is how visible is it from the street or other strategic location where you wouldn't want people to see it. 
  • Now you need to find the rafter in the roof to properly secure the j-mount on the roof. To find the rafter, use a small hammer and tap it on the roof until you find a spot where it feels solid and not hollow. Keep in mind that the rafter are not as wide as the base of a j-mount (Useful in steps later). 
  • Make sure the area where you are installing the j-pole is dry and clear from debris.
  • Use 6" waterproofing membrane before you install the j-mount on the roof
    • The length of the membrane roll in the link provided above is 75 feet. Not sure where else you may be able to use it but you only needs a piece of about 6" X 8".
    • As mentioned above, it comes in a roll. So you just need to cut a piece of about 8" (The role is 6" wide, so you don't have to worry about that).
    • To install this membrane on the roof, you just need to peel off the protector and stick the membrane on the roof where there is rafter. The membrane is self-adhesive. Try to make sure that the center of the membrane is close to the center of rafter. 
  • Place the j-mount (j-pole) in the middle of the membrane and using a regular drill, screw two roofing screws in the middle holes of the j-mount. If you performed all the steps above correctly, these screws should have entered in the rafter. Use only the screws provided in this link. They come with a metal/rubber washer which properly seals the contact points between the mount and screws.
  • To provide stability, use 4 more roofing screws and screw them on all the four corners of the j-pole. 
  • Your mounting hardware has now been installed successfully. For a complete guide on installation, visit our HD antenna installation DIY page.

Thank you for visiting We also provide HD antenna installation services in the GTA area. If you are looking for an HD antenna installer, please call us at the number below.


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