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What are HD TV antennas and what is in it for me?


Antennas have been used to capture over the air (OTA) signal for a very long time now. But a lot has changed over the past few decades. Gone are the days when the picture was used to be snowy and you had to put up tall TV towers and huge antennas to receive any channels. The picture quality has been changed to digital and the antennas are much more smaller and look much more sexier now. The Digital TV picture quality is so clear that it is better than any Cable TV or satellite TV. Most channels come in pure uncompressed HD quality and are seen better in modern TVs. 

OK. What are the costs?

With growing monthly cable/satellite bills, more and more people are looking for alternatives to cut their monthly TV costs. And HD antennas is the best, and possibly the only, alternative to cable/satellite out there which provides you the luxury of just turning the TV on and watch what is being broadcast in HD quality at NO MONTHLY COSTS. Yes, you read that right, no monthly costs are associated with HD TV antenna. You only pay one time fee for the hardware and professional installation (if you choose to get it installed by a professional).

Sounds GREAT. What kind of channels can I receive with an HD Antenna?

Check out our channels listing page to find out what type of channels can people receive in Toronto and surrounding areas.

But wait, how do broadcasters make money if they are not charging people anything for it?

Channels make money through their commercials.

Is it legal?

Yes. Its completely legal and free of cost.

What are the one time costs if I get it installed from you guys?

Check out our complete HD antenna installation packages to find out the costs. If you are unsure about which package to choose. Contact us and we will advise you with which package will work best for you.

If I buy all the hardware, can I install it myself?

Yes. You can buy the hardware and install it yourself. Check out our DIY guide for help. If you are not comfortable with heights and are unsure about doing it yourself, we recommend getting it installed by one of our professionals. We have all the tools and long ladders (32 feet) to make sure that your antenna gets installed at highest point and you get maximum number of channels available for your area.

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