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Why Us?

Why should you choose us for your HD antenna installation needs? Below are some of the many reasons:


When it comes to professional antenna installation, we have one of the best pricings in the market. In fact, many of our customers give our installers gratuity for doing an excellent job. We offer complete hd antenna installation packages that suits everybody's needs and preferences. 

    Customer service

    We believe in referral business. That's why we offer exceptional customer service before and AFTER your antenna has been installed. We even have a referral program which allows our existing customers to receive a FREE $25 gas card for every other customer they refer to us. If we weren't so confident of our antenna installation services, we wouldn't have started a program like this.


    We offer a 6 months warranty on our installations so that you are covered for that period if something goes wrong with hardware or our workmanship. We stand behind our work.

    Professional Installation

    We will do it right the first time around. 

    • No hanging cables
    • No lousy mounting
    • Cable grounding
    • Holes sealed properly
    • High quality installation supplies
    • We have all the right tools for the job such as 32ft ladder to climb up on taller roofs.


    Our staff is insured by WSIB and 1 million Commercial General Liability policy.

      Customized solutions

      We also provide customized solutions based on your requirements.

      Experienced staff

      Our installation staff has several years of experience in antenna, satellite, and telecommunications industry. They will meet or exceed your expectations about the quality of work.

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