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Aska TRI-3 Heavy Duty 3ft Tripod Base with 24" Mast


  • $3595

The Aska TRI-3 Heavy Duty 3ft Tripod Base with 24" Mast is a great solution for your permanent antenna or satellite dish placement needs. It is durable, lightweight, and comes with all the necessary parts to set-up.

  • Permanently mount an antenna or satellite dish on your roof with all the installation hardware you need included
  • You can place your antenna or satellite dish virtually anywhere
  • The heavy duty and lightweight design makes the tripod durable and easy to get on your roof

Permanently mount an antenna or satellite dish on the roof with Aska's TRI-3 Heavy Duty 3ft Tripod Base. The mast AND installation hardware is included, so mounting your desired antenna is made that much simpler. An advantage of Tripod mounts is that you can mount them almost anywhere. From the peak of a rooftop to a flat platform, this tripod can handle it. The sturdy feet with multiple mounting holes will make sure it stays put! The TRI-3 is surprisingly heavy duty without being overly weighty which, conveniently, makes it easy to carry up a ladder. It folds out into the proper tripod position and, once mounted, supports the mast and antenna securely. Whereas most of the time you have to purchase a mast separately, the TRI-3 comes with its own 1.66" x 24" mast to get you started. It is secured in place via the bolts and nuts attached to the Tripod at the mast base and Tripod top. The TRI-3 can support masts up to 1.66" OD.

Tech specs

  • Included Pipe Diameter: 1-9/16"
  • Maximum Pipe Diameter Tripod will accept: 1.75"
  • Included Pipe Length: 27"

Box Contents

  • Heavy Duty 3' Tripod Base
  • 1.66" x 24" Mast
  • 3" x 15" Nails
  • 6" x 5/16" Bolts and Nuts

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